FAQ - Permanent Cosmetics

 “Pain” is subjective, and therefore impossible to predict for every client. I use two topical anesthetics in order to maintain as much comfort as I possibly can for the client. 99% of clients tell me the discomfort is significantly less than they expected - some days they feel nothing at all. Occasionally I will have clients that are less receptive to anesthetics and experience more sensation than others - but, in my personal experience, even those clients don’t find it to be unbearable. 

I provide my clients with a comprehensive healing experience that I have worked incredibly hard to curate. Therefore, I’m going to explain healing here in a more general sense. Initially, the tattoo will appear darker (approximately 30-40% darker) than the healed result. There is some swelling, redness and general irritation to the procedure site. This is expected as a wound is being created. Exfoliation is a part of the wound healing process - and cosmetic tattooing is no different. You can expect to shed the exfoliation around day 4-7 and spend several days in this stage. The first few days your procedure will likely be too dark. Then, as exfoliation takes place, you may think the area is too light. This is a normal part of the healing process. Pigment will not show it’s true healed color in the skin until approximately day 21.

Some light areas after the initial appointment are normal. No procedure is considered complete until after the follow up procedure, around 12 weeks. 

A minimal amount of bleeding is expected during the procedure. My secondary anesthetic that I use throughout the procedure contains epinephrine, which is a vasoconstrictor. Any small amount of bleeding is generally short-lived at the beginning of the procedure. 

There are many factors that contribute to the longevity of your tattoo. Skin care regimen, sun exposure, overall health, overall skin health, as well as the style of procedure chosen all play a factor when considering the longevity. 

Lash Enhancement tattoos and eyeliners tend to need maintenance in 3-5 years. Brow longevity is more dependent on the style chosen. Ombré Powder Brows, and any Hairstroke technique (including combo brows) tend to require maintenance around 18-24 months due to the less saturated bulb area. Classic Powder Brows carry the most staying power due to the even and full saturation of the technique. Color maintenance tends to fall around 3-5 years for this technique. 

I have an entire tab dedicated to educating the consumer about this tattooing technique and my personal/professional opinion surrounding it. I do offer digital hairstrokes, for those that qualify and wish to have the hair stroke effect. 

Lash Enhancement is pigment implanted directly into the lash line, not above the lash line like the eyeliner. Since it is only within the boundaries of the lash line, it is not visible when the eyes are closed. Eyeliner tattoos INCLUDE the lash enhancement, and then go beyond the lash line so that the line is visible when the eye is closed as well. Styles are 100% custom. Wings (within reason), tapers, colors, and overall thickness is all based on client preference and eyelid structure. 

I have worked in makeup artistry for years and have spent an innumerable amount of time determining how brows can enhance the overall appearance of the face. I do NOT use stencils or rigid mapping tools to design the brow. I work with the structure of your face, the natural hair growth you have, and use tools to balance and restore symmetry as much as possible. After the pre-draw, I give clients the opportunity to look over the design and then we work together to make sure everything is just how you want it. 

Only if I am working on your brows. Lash extensions can NOT be present for any eyelash enhancement or eyeliner tattoo procedure. They may be reapplied 2 weeks after the procedure, but plan accordingly for the 6-12 week follow up procedure.