Ombre Brow

Ombre Powder Brow

A cosmetic tattooing technique in which the brows heal to a soft, brow “powder” type finish that gradually gradients to an ombré toward the inner bulb. This is a modern spin on the classic powder brows (a trusted permanent cosmetic procedure due to the reliability of the healed results). Clients enjoy longevity from this procedure and the integrity of the skin is not compromised like some other techniques have a high propensity for (i.e. microblading). For more information on the technique, please see the details for “Powder Brows”.

Due to the lighter saturation towards the bulb of the brow, 18-24 month maintenance is suggested after the 12-week touchup.

$400.00 Initial Procedure
$125.00 1-Week Follow Up Procedure
Total Investment: $525.00