Powder Brow

Powder Brows

I chose to specialize in this technique first because I believe in the consistency and reliability of the healed results. There are no hair strokes being tattooed into the skin, and the color is intended to create depth where the hair is sparse or missing. This technique also sits beautifully behind what hair you have. It is carried out using a tattoo machine- which means less pressure is placed on the skin in order to get pigment into the skin. Furthermore, the configuration of the needle cartridge displaces the point of impact, making it softer and more gentle on the skin. Imagine stepping on a single nail. The damage caused from the single nail can be significant. However, people are able to walk across beds of nails all the time. There is little pain, and little damage to the foot because the pressure point is displaced. Likewise, the impact and trauma to the skin from a machine and grouping of needles (used for powder brows) is significantly less than other techniques (i.e microblading). As far as the pain during the procedure, I have great topical anesthetics that will make the procedure comfortable. While pain is relative to each client and their own tolerance- pain should not be a fear!

The brows will heal to a very soft, brow “powder” type finish. This technique adds shape, fullness and depth to the eyebrow while appearing natural and feminine. Powder brows are a trusted permanent cosmetic procedure due to the reliability of the healed results. Clients are able to achieve longevity from this procedure and the integrity of the skin is not compromised like some other techniques have a high propensity for (i.e. microblading). The initial appointment is primarily to get a great base shape and the skin saturated with pigment. Therefore a touch up appointment is necessary around 12 weeks. No procedure is considered complete until after the touch up appointment. 

You can expect to love the result from the initial appointment, however the touch up is crucial as a perfecting appointment and greatly impacts the longevity of the tattoo. After the initial appointment and the touch up at 12 weeks, the pigment implanted into the skin can last up to 5 years. However, this time frame is an estimate only and varies to a degree for every person. Many factors contribute to the life of your brows. Overall skin health, sun exposure, skin care routine, and lifestyle can all contribute to pigment retention. Pigment can change in the skin over time, becoming less vibrant. Due to this, many clients choose to get a color refresher every 2-3 years to maintain their overall desired look. This service is considered “lifetime maintenance”, and is offered at a discounted rate only available to established clients.


Consultation: $50.00

- FAQ answered; paperwork; description of procedure; brow grooming + mapping

(Can be done prior to procedure, over the phone, or at beginning of appointment for initial procedure)

Initial Procedure: $325.00

- The goal of this appointment is to establish a great custom base brow shape and get the skin saturated with pigment. Some unevenness in saturation is expected due to each persons difference in healing. Due to this, no procedure is considered complete until after a 6-12 week follow up.

6-12 Week Follow Up Procedure: $125.00

- This is the perfecting procedure. It’s crucial to ensuring the longevity and integrity of the brow over time. I’m better able to gauge how each person heals, and can fine tune at a more detailed level during this appointment.

Total Investment: $500.00