Fox Cosmetics

Because of Fox Cosmetics’ absolute commitment to the quality of ingredients used in their products, their Brow Butters are quickly becoming the most premium and recognized on the market today. With over two decades of experience specializing in brows, lashes, and skin, Mandy (aka Miss Fox) has developed products with her own brand of secret science behind the ingredients used - successfully raising the standard in brow products - protecting salons and consumers while delivering a safe and gorgeous brow look. 

Fox Cosmetics was born from spending many years troubleshooting the existing products on the market, which all seemed substandard, realizing the need to combine in-depth skin biology, hair growth knowledge, and color theory to create a consistent and polished outcome for our clients. Fox Cosmetics has proudly developed a range of colors to suit all skin types - no intricate mixing, no guesswork, and no fillers.

- No Ammonia

- No Lead

- No Heavy Metals

- No Fillers

- No Talc

Fox cosmetics endeavors to protect and nurture the beauty industry, so they ONLY sell their products to trained professionals. Sierra Rae Brows + Beauty sources all Fox Cosmetics from the only US distributor, Branded Beauty Lash.