Special Event Makeup


- Lashes + Application
- High Quality, Tried, True + Trusted Products that I know will withstand the demands of a full day event. (excluding foundation**)
- Foundation consultation (if client wants to purchase a new foundation for event)
- Ring Light for optimal photo taking

$75 + .53/mile

**Event Shoots are not the day to play around with new foundations. I consult with clients to help them choose a foundation that I know and trust to hold up and perform for the event that is best suited for their skin needs, if client wants to purchase new foundation for event. This allows time for clients to get color matched and sample my recommendations prior to event. This is the only way I have found that ensures clients have foundation that is a good fit for them in relation to formula as well as shade. It would be nearly impossible as a makeup artist to always carry a foundation best suited for every different skin type in every different shade range.